The Split Lands

The Blood Plague

Upon their return to Phylos, the party discovered the entire city under quarantine, with funeral pyres blackening the sky. Locating Ancalaga, they learned that shortly after their departure the miners began getting sick and refusing to return to work. The sickness spread quickly after that, with as much as one-third of the town already infected. Determining that they should begin by investigating the mines, the party quickly discovered that the underground passages were crawling with kobolds, who had effectively trapped the entrance with a thundering crossbow to warn of any intruders. Maqeith had actually evaded the trap and was in the process of sneaking up on a group of kobolds when Arileth accidentally set the trap off, ruining the ambush. The kobolds were killed anyway, and the party continued into the depths of the mine, where they discovered an old hobgoblin shaman who was distilling potions from the blood of a captive eladrin wizard and pouring them into the town’s water supply. Despite his age and decrepitude, his magic made him a formidable opponent, but the party was nonetheless victorious. Their celebration was short-lived, however, because they emerged from the mines to find the town under siege from a local hobgoblin tribe. It took every ounce of effort from the party and what was left of the town’s guard to fight the hobgoblins off, and the accomplishment was not without loss as Tuck was killed in the battle. In the aftermath, the captain of the town’s guard was found dead well inside the walls, with one of Maqeith’s father’s daggers in his back.



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